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Our Festival is organised by the non-profit association Amigos del Tango ry. Amigos del Tango is a registered non-profit association founded in 1997 that aims to promote the practice of Argentine tango by organising various events and informing about events related to Argentine tango. Our biggest event is the international Argentine Tango Festival Frostbite organised every February in Helsinki. This events brings together 300-400 Argentine Tango enthusiasts to dance and learn tango. This year, we celebrate our 10th edition of Tango Frostbite.

Frostbite Tango Festival is entirely run by a a large team of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the section volunteers in our menu (soon available).

Tango Frostbite 2023 Coordinating team:
Anaïs Virenque
Sonja Örndahl
Luis Rojas
Nadia Tapia

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