Nice to see you again, gentlemen! Solo Tango Orquesta were an essential part of the earliest years of our festival, and they are now returning to Helsinki for the first time since 2015. If you have not experienced Saturday night at Tango Frostbite with Solo Tango yet, you are in for a treat! You will be blown away by the energy, virtuosity and contagious sense of fun displayed by this quartet from Moscow - and you will dance!


Solo Tango Orquesta, founded in 2010, has gained international recognition incredibly rapidly and is the only European tango orchestra that has been nominated for the first international “Premios Tango” awards (Buenos Aires / March 2018). They have performed in the best concert halls of the world, including the Berlin Philharmonic, the Big Hall of the Moscow conservatory, the Tchaikovsky concert hall, Seoul National theater and others. The sound of the orchestra can be described as one with a perfect sense of style, powerful energy and a high quality of performance. Their repertoire includes complex tango songs that sound great at major concert halls, and also the best tangos of the “Golden Age”, which makes them convenient and comfortable to dance to at the milongas.

Ihana nähdä teitä taas, hyvät herrat! Solo Tango Orquesta oli festivaalin alkuvuosien olennainen osa and nyt he palaavat Helsinkiin ensimmäistä kertaa vuoden 2015 jälkeen. Jos lauantai-ilta Tango Frostbitessa Solo Tangon tahdittamana on sinulle uutta, tulet ihastumaan! Tämän moskovalaisen orkesterin esityksen energia, mestarillisuus ja tarttuva hauskanpito vie mennessään ja suorastaan pakottaa tanssimaan!


Vuonna 2010 perustettu Solo Tango Orquesta saavutti kansainvälisen kuuluisuuden poikkeuksellisen nopeasti ja on ainoa eurooppalainen tango-orkesteri, joka on palkittu ensimmäisessä kansainvälisessä “Premios Tango” -tapahtumassa (Buenos Aires / maaliskuu 2018). He ovat esiintyneet monissa maailman merkittävimmistä konserttisaleista, mukaan lukien Berliner Philharmoniker, Moskovan musiikkikonservatorion pääsali, Tchaikovsky-konserttisali, Soulin kansallisteatteri jne. Heidän sointinsa on voimakkaan energistä, ja se yhdistyy huikeaan tyylitajuun ja esiintymisen korkeaan tasoon. Orkesterin ohjelmisto ulottuu monisävyisistä, konserttisaleihin tarkoitetuista tangoista aina tangon kultakauden verrattomiin kappaleisiin, jotka ovat parhaimmillaan milongassa tanssittuina.

Heading 5

Lucas Malec



Di Sarli vs. D’Arienzo


A musicality workshop for tango dancers



SATURDAY 22.2. 20:00-21:15

Lucas Malec (AR)

Location: El Ático, Kumpulantie 1



"Two different orchestras, two essentially different and complementary ways to approach one step, and therefore the walk and therefore your whole dance, presented by a dancer and musician. There will be a lot of listening so bring your ears but bring your dancing shoes, too: we will exercise both our bodies and our ideas!"


Mik Avramenko



Sound quality for tango DJs 

A workshop for DJs, would-be-DJs and anyone interested



SUNDAY 23.2. 19:45-20:45 
Mik Avramenko (UA)
Location: El Ático, Kumpulantie 1 


”As tango DJs, we all want our guests to feel comfortable and willing to dance at our milongas. We achieve it by selecting the best tunes for each particular moment. However, we can also take care of their comfort by watching the sound quality and volume as we play music.” 
During this one-hour workshop, our Saturday night DJ Mik will share his vision and approach to taking care of people's ears: from the preparation and the soundcheck to the milonga. We invite everyone interested in playing music or organising events (or just curious!) to come, listen and ask questions.


Festival DJs

Olga Agapova (RU)
Mik Avramenko (UA)                            
Jenni Valli (FI)                          
Roberto Zuccarino (AR)
Bernt Andreas Drange (NO/FI) 
Julia Lopatka (UA)                         
Lucas Malec (AR/NL)

Aleksey Doroschenko (BY)
Jani Keinänen (FI)
Emma Murros (FI)
Janne Ranne (FI)
Antti Suniala (FI)
Sasha Vicente-Grabovetzky (UA/FI)