First time taking a tango lesson or you would like to go through the very basics again? This is for you.
Your skills and experience may differ, but these lessons are suitable for a variety of levels and everyone can benefit from them a great deal. Not for beginners.
You have been dancing and taking lessons for a good while and are ready to learn more. This is the level most useful for most of us.
You have been dancing for a longer time and are ready for bigger challenges. You have a good understanding of technique, dancing and movement.
NO PARTNER NEEDED for these workshops:
FOLKLORE and SOLO TECHNIQUE (=Technique for followers or technique for leaders and Tango Basics). Registration for all other classes takes place with a partner.
Näille tunneille voit ilmoittautua ILMAN PARIA:
FOLKLORE ja YKSILÖTEKNIIKKA (=Technique for followers or technique for leaders ja Tango Basics). Kaikille muille kursseille ilmoittaudutaan parin kanssa.
*If the intensive course fills up quickly there will be a second group on the same dates!
*Jos tiiviskurssi täyttyy nopeasti perustamme toisen ryhmän samoille päiville!

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