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Changes to Workshops Schedule

We have made a few small but very intriguing changes to the workshops schedule! We decided to move the navigation classes to Vintti - the club space at the Korjaamo milonga venue - to Friday and Saturday 21:00-21:45. The best thing is these lessons are given for free by our local teachers.

There was a demand for more tango escenario from Neri & Yanina so we added the workshop "Tango Escenario Technique and Sequences" to be held on Saturday at 16:30-18:00. We also added a very interesting workshop from Santiago & Antonella called "Change of Energy & Speed and Dancing in Slow Motion" to Friday 16:30-18:00.

The Workshop Schedules can be found here - And the registration info here.

Welcome to Tango Frostbite 2017!

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