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Argentine tango workshops:

Inés Muzzopappa & Corina Herrera (AR)

Simone Facini & Gioia Abballe (IT)

Luis Rojas (AR/FI) & Nadia Tapia (CL/FI)

Beginners' course:
Ari Siren & Seita Keloluoto (FI)

Tango DJ's:

Jens-Ingo Brodesser (BE)

Eray Yüksek (TR)

Jenni Valli (FI)

Luis Rojas (AR)

Bernt Andreas Drange (NO/FI), Jani Keinänen (FI), Emma Murros (FI),

Janne Ranne (FI), Antti Suniala (FI), Meeri Friman (FI), Daniel Valenzuela (CL/FI) and Sonja Örndahl (FI)!


Registration for workshops opens soon!

No registration for milongas - only workshops!

Milonga passes and tickets to milongas will be sold at the door.

Milonga passes will also be available for purchase online.

Welcome to Helsinki!


Tango Frostbite Festival is an Argentine Tango event offering workshops with international-level dancers, dancer performances, day, night and after milongas, and much more!
The 10th edition of Tango Frostbite takes place in Helsinki in February 24-26, 2023. Welcome to enjoy a warm weekend in our snow-covered city

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